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Clark Country Democrats

Clark Country Democrats

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"Divya Jain is such a positive force for good in schools.  She started the Passport Club (a world geography study) at Illahee Elementary in her own daughter’s classroom.  Soon it spread to all the classrooms at Illahee under Divya’s leadership.  At some point Divya came to me when I was a manager in Evergreen to let me know a number of other schools were interested in the program and asked me to support her.  I did no more than send an email or two – and the Club took off - eventually involving thousands of enthusiastic students, teachers, and parents.  Soft-spoken, kind-hearted and thoughtful, Divya is also a woman who knows how to get good things done.  I wholeheartedly endorse her for a position on Evergreen’s Board of Directors.” - Charlotte Akin, Retired Highly Capable Programs Manager, Evergreen School District.

"Divya is innovative, compassionate and wants to make big impacts to kids via education! She has a proven record of influencing kids and parents at a very young age in a fun and collaborative way! “ - Rushika Pandya, Community Member.

"Divya is creative and very thoughtful in her educational approach. Her student focused outside the box thinking is exactly what is need on the school board.” - Paulina Oberg, Community Member.

“I met Divya when the older of her two daughters was enrolled in my class in the Highly Capable Program. I maintained a professional relationship with her over the next several years as both girls went through my classroom. Divya was a very involved, supportive, active parent whose volunteerism went far beyond her daughters’ classrooms. In addition to organizing the Passport program, which introduced hundreds of children to world geography, she volunteered in a number of capacities, and took the needs of the entire school very seriously. This has given her a lot of insight into the needs and challenges facing schools in general, and the Evergreen District in particular. I completely support her as a candidate for the board, and if successful, I know that she will do a wonderful job.” - Daune Spritzer, Retired ESD Teacher

“Divya will be an advocate for environmental stewardship.”- Don and Alona Steinke, Environment Activist


National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington
OneAmerica Votes
Sierra Club-Loo Wit

Community Members

Charlotte Akin
Jake Garcia
Dorothy Gasque
Sunita Gupta
Rupam Josan
Amanpreet Kaur
Vikram Kotwani
Katie Landacre
Jacqueline Lane
Doug Lasher
Ninette Lilenthal
Gay Lincoln
Kala Sagar Madugula
Audrey Miller
Prasanna Modem
Paulina Oberg
Nidhi Pandya
Rushika Pandya
Diana Perez
Shawn Plemmans
Asawari Prasad
Bethany Rivard
Shelly Sagar
Daune Spritzer
Don and Alona Steinke
Ty Stober
Wendy Storall
Colin Young

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