Divya for Evergreen Schools

Elect Divya Jain



I’m running for Evergreen School District board because I believe that education is the key to our future. Our school district can prepare all our children--regardless of their backgrounds or learning styles--for success. 

I have over 15 years of experience volunteering in Evergreen School District classrooms. One of my biggest accomplishments has been creating the Geography Passport Club. Piloted to 200 students and 8 teachers at Illahee Elementary, Geography Passport Club spread throughout elementary schools in the district, providing hundreds of students the opportunity to engage with and learn about other cultures. Passport Club required no extra work on the part of teachers--it was completely volunteer led, at a low cost. 

I’m running for Evergreen School District Board to improve the quality of education, expand learning opportunities, efficiently use taxpayer money, and address mental health issues.

Read more about my platform below.


Improve the Quality of Education 

Our schools are educating the future of our nation. We must invest in improving the quality of education so that the future generation is equipped to tackle our world’s most challenging problems. 

Expand Learning Opportunities 

Students of all backgrounds deserve accessible learning opportunities. This must be balanced by cost-effectiveness. I have twelve years of experience developing innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective programs that have impacted thousands of students. 

Efficiently Use Taxpayer Money 

We need to allocate taxpayer money to maximize the benefit to our district. I am committed to doing more with less and spending taxpayer’s money consciously and carefully. 

Create Programs to Address Mental Health 

Mental health problems in children and adolescents are on the rise nationally. We can help kids get the resources they need by expanding programs for mental health, behavior issues, substance abuse, and teen suicide.