Divya for Evergreen Schools

Elect Divya Jain

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Improving the Quality of Education

The quality of education has been on a decline. Improving the quality of education will improve the schools ratings and subsequently improve the enrollments in the district. This will in turn help alleviate some of the budget deficit our district has been facing.


Learning Opportunities

There needs to more learning opportunities for students of all backgrounds and needs at a lower cost. With my strong experience as a volunteer in the district, I have developed innovative, sustainable, and cost effective programs that have impacted thousands of students for the past 12 years.


Taxpayers’ Money

I would allocate taxpayers’ money to maximize the benefit to our district. I would help provide them with better resources to use in the classroom. I will do more with less money. I will be conscious of spending taxpayers’ money carefully.


Accessible Programs

Increasing school programs to address culturally diverse education and improving programs for mental health, violent behaviour, substance abuse & teen suicide.